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I ask this because I read several skeptical opinions about green compounds and I also have had bad results with the Lee Valley one. A tiny touch of camber on the blade keeps the corners of blade from digging into the leather. …it easier to move the blade across the surface with long, fluid strokes. …first to clean the blade before moving to the leather for stropping.

stropping compound

I discovered all of these materials from making knives and sheaths, so they were always available in my scrap pile. My view is that there is not a one-size-fits-all here and suggest experimenting with different techniques for different edges. As we have already discussed, a treated strop, or a strop coated with an abrasive compound functions as a soft stone and using it removes metal and can raise a wire edge. Most abrasive of stropping compounds are a fine abrasive suspended in a wax stick or cream. Some people strop using diamond compounds which are always applied as a cream. Some stropping compounds are very dry and powdery and need special handling to get them to stick to the strop.

Small Really Small Submicron Sharpening Polyester Leather Superstrop

The one major type of knife that should not be used with a strop is a knife with a serrated edge. A strop won’t sharpen a serrated edge, but the serrated edge of the knife will end up destroying the strop. This includes anything on the belt made of metal such as buckles, pins, clasps, caps, and rivets. These can dent your knife or nick the knife-edge if they meet it while stropping. There are plenty of reasons why you should regularly strop your knives, and it’s a simple process, so there isn’t really any good excuse not to do it.

We sell horse butt strops, which are very stiff, with little give, and I think they are the perfect strop. Horse butt is also a traditional material for high end strops, we didn’t discover their use, we just brought it back to market. Most strops on the market are cowhide, which makes a fine strop, but it’s softer and maybe rounds the edges of tools more. But lots of people like them so obviously the difference between types of leather is subtle.

How Do I Use Honing Compound?

I collected some of my own thoughts on stropping here. Although he discusses a woodworkers chisel, the basic principals are the same for paring knives, spokeshave blades, etc. He has a number of other tutorials about sharpeningon his website. At the bottom of this post is an update after using the horsebutt strop for five years.

Wood Burning

Leather strops come in both suede and smooth options. Of course this leads many to wonder just which is the better option. While a common practice is to use suede in conjunction with compounds and smooth for plain stropping, this is by no means universal. We have found the decision to be a combination of personal choice and type of edge being sharpened. Any of these compounds can be applied by rubbing them back and forth on the leather. It is similar to coloring with a crayon light pressure back and forth.

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